Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tortillas for Breakfast

You know you’re overdue for a grocery run when you’re resorting to cold tortillas for breakfast because you’re out of bread and cereal, and before your first cup of coffee making, say, pancakes and eggs is completely out of the question!

Because really, while there’s an abundance of ready-made breakfast food floating around out there, there’s a serious lack of cheap, healthy pre-made breakfast food. You can only live on Pop Tarts, muffins and granola bars so long before your jeans start crying about it, and even if you don’t gain weight too long on a junk food diet just leaves you feeling icky. (No, I’m not going on a rant about losing weight. I have my own issues there, none of which I’m getting into today.)

So the question is, what kind of easy, ready-made breakfast foods can you keep in stock that are reasonably healthy and the kids won’t consume within five minutes of their introduction to the pantry shelves?

In other news, I find myself at home with my two boys today-an interesting circumstance, all things considered. L is spending the weekend with my aunt. I understand there were going to be Christmas cookies involved, and the little girl next door was coming over to spend the weekend. Sleep wasn’t on the agenda, so I have a certain amount of sympathy!

What to do with ourselves? That’s another question altogether. I have a to-do list as long as my arm, but it’s a rare weekend where the adult-child ratio is actually 1 to 1, and the boys don’t seem inclined to just spend the day hanging out anyway. Contemplating a trip to the movies later this evening; we’re supposed to take all of the kids to see “Tangled” next weekend, but “Megamind” calls.

**No, I’m not interested in Harry Potter. Loved the books, but I hear they cut a lot out of the movie. I also hear, however, that the special effects were wicked. I’ll probably pick it up when it comes out on DVD solely for that. I also pre-ordered “Eclipse”, because (and I’ll deny it to my last breath) I actually enjoyed the movie.

To take a completely different side route, I’m also gearing up to start the last in my fanfic trilogy, but not having seen the movies or read the books in a while I’ve kind of lost touch with the story. There’s a Twilight marathon in my future at some point, probably next weekend, to catch myself back up. Let’s just hope my stomach can handle it…**

Hmmm….what time is Megamind playing, again?


  1. Megamind was cute, but you can totally justify rereading and or rewatching the Twilightness as 'work', since it gets you writing. Tough call, though- even my stodgy Mr. giggled a few times at Megamind. It's different kind of funny than Despicable Me. If you like Will Ferrell, it's a larf.

    I keep apples and granola bars to feed kiddo when I'm exhausted and should not be trusted around anything as complicated as a toaster, let alone a frying pan.

    You, however, are responsible for last week's easy-quisine arrival to my pantry- We're at the grocery store and my son, who has not seen hide nor hair of you since the summer now, stops cold at the end of an isle. He's transfixed, and says only, "Pop Tarts!"

    "Yes, that's what it says." The was a small, endcap display. No biggie.

    "I love Pop Tarts."

    "I don't think you've ever had Pop Tarts."

    "We need them. I did!"

    "When did you have Pop Tarts?"

    "At [your house]. We need to get
    Pop TartsMomPlease. Please. Pop Tarts." He never looked away from them. He was so serious, that I burst out laughing, which still didn't break his concentration!

    The thing is, I have no memory of any kind of Pop Tart at your house. Not at all. So, of course, I bought a big old box...Better or worse for one in the morning than a Tortilla? At least a tortilla has protein.

  2. Pop Tarts? Really? LOL! I suppose it's possible, although it probably wouldn't have been when y'all came up here. I personally don't particularly care for Pop Tarts, so we don't have them often. The kids did go through a stage where Pop Tarts were the breakfast du jour for days on end, however. Maybe he paid our house a visit during that period?

    As to Twilight...well. The movies are still sitting here. I've been happily plowing my way through "Dead Like Me", which unfortunately was far too short for any kind of closure-which will probably be my next rant for this blog as soon as I work up the energy to do it!!! Twilight will probably be a project in the evenings this weekend.