Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Crazies

Dear hearts, when is it too early and/or too much? Honestly, I appreciate anyone with the drive to start decorating for the December holidays the second the sun rises on the day after Thanksgiving- Xmas isn't even a full month away sometimes, and it's fun to have the decorations up as long as possible. The other holidays in the month, well they have a rotating beginning, so decorate early and often, right?

Yes! Why not? I'm beginning the search now. Last Xmas I remember reading about a decoration that stopped traffic- a dummy was rigged to look like a person who'd slipped off of the roof while hanging decorations. I am daring myself and the world to find the best and worst of this year's decor and post the most exciting of each and to comment on just when enough is enough (if ever!). Happy holidays and happy hunting!


  1. Too Early: When the Christmas Decorations Appear Before the Halloween Ones...or When Stores Have 6 Aisles of Christmas Decor Up Before You Find the First Costume.

    Too Much: Ummm...Ummmm...I'll get back to you on this one.

    Honestly, you don't get much time to enjoy all those delightful Christmas decorations you put up every year. It seems like you spend hours upon hours putting them up, sometimes days adding little pieces here and there, only to rip them all down again a month later.

    Personally, if the delightfully fake tree we haul out of our attic every year wasn't HUGE I think I'd buy into the holiday tree idea; buy a set of ornaments for each holiday and keep the darn thing up year 'round!

  2. Oh, and the deer hanging upside down from the porch with its guts spilling out, completely done in red and white Christmas lights, is still the worst holiday decoration I've ever seen!

  3. Really glad I missed that one. Unfortunately, I missed Xmas Eve with the camera, too. There were some displays that honestly must have cost hundreds of dollars, and there were two separate "wars", where you could just tell that the neighbors were trying to outdo one another. Ah, well. At the rate things are going, I'll get another chance after St. Patrick's Day...=)