Sunday, November 28, 2010

Are We Getting a Little Crazy about Social Media?

I’m starting to think we may be going a little batty with the social media. Yes, I know, I know. It only took me how many years to figure this out?

But here’s the thing. It never seems real until you catch yourself doing it. In this case, I caught myself hopping on to Facebook the minute I finished a project I’d been working on sporadically for the past three weeks just to announce that I was going to see how much homework I could grind out before bed.

Really? Is this my life? That the most exciting thing I have to share with the people I know is that it’s time to do my homework? Or is it just indicative of how the Internet is curing our innate need for privacy through social media sites like FB and, oh, say…this blog? LOL!


  1. We're learning about life, about what it's like for everyone everywhere to be a star. People used to live in small towns, social people lived in town and had pretty much no privacy. People who didn't want others to know their business lived on the outskirts, but then the rumors flew. Is the quality of the information we're getting via all this different social media any different than before? Back in the day, anyone still awake would have known you were finishing up and going to bed just by seeing when the light from your window extinguished.

  2. LOL! I've often said that life on the Internet was much like being in a small town. Everyone, everywhere knows your business, and if they don't all they have to do is ask the right people to find out! In some ways it's sad, but in others the loss of anonymity offered by the Internet helps keep us honest, I think. After all, who's going to do something absolutely rotten and/or stupid (not in a good way) if they know all their friends are going to Facebook about it tomorrow?