Friday, November 19, 2010

Of Hats and Hyacinths

I'm thinking today is definitely a day for a warm spiced chai. Or maybe an apple cinnamon. Why? Because it's COLD! I don't know about where you are Vee, but up in New York there's a wind whipping by my window and a healthy layer of frost thinking about taking shape on my windshield.

That healthy layer of frost led me to a whole new dilemma today: What to do about the fact that the kids have managed to lose most of their winter wear? That question drove me to the sacred walls of WalMart at o'dark hundred to scout the aisles for some thermal hats and ski gloves they'll be able to wear when the snow finally stops thinking about it and decides to dump down en masse.

I live in the snow belt of New York. Snow gear should be easy to find, right? Right?

That foolish, foolish conclusion led me to my second dilemma of the day: The realization that 90% of the people who make hats don't live anywhere where there's actually snow. I have tissue paper that's warmer than some of the hats I saw!
All right, so that might be a teeny, tiny exaggeration. But the hats I saw that weren't a lovely shade of puke brown wouldn't have stood a chance against the 20 degree weather and whipping winds (and 3 feet of snow) we can reliably count on every winter. It was a complete waste of time and money.

Bottom line? When did winter wear stop being about staying warm and start being about looking nice while your toes turned blue? I'm holding out for the thermal wear. There has to be a ski shop around here somewhere. In the meantime, it's scudies and mitten clips for everyone.


  1. When I lived in NYC, the winter accessories available seemed to be made of cotton mesh. My boyfriend, who lived in Richmond, gave me a his scarf and coat, and they were both warm and durable. Granted, that was 10 years ago...sometimes it's too bad things don't change.

  2. It's astonishing! I'm starting to suspect I know why all of the really cool winter accessories on the market these days are done in reds, whites and blues...they go very well with the lovely shade of purple your lips are going to turn in the meantime! Ugh! I need to take a day and head up to the ski shop at Swain, get the kids fitted for some REAL winter wear. It's going to be expensive as all get-out, but if I can go a size large I'll get two years out of it. And if they don't freeze on the way to and from the bus stop it'll be sooooo worth it.